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Have you ever dreamed of being a PAID, WORKING actor?

Good news! We are here to share with YOU the Secret, Science, and System behind building a lasting acting career. You now have the opportunity to join. We're offering you a different life from the one you've been living. One full of freedom, purpose, and clarity. This isn't for everyone...

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Have You Ever Felt This Way Before?

Here are some feelings you've likely experienced:

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OVERWHELMED with unnecessary info and audition strategies that don't work.

DISAPPOINTED in cliche headshots and photos that don’t level up your career.  

UNMOTIVATED to go after roles because of confusing coaching.

& TIRED of not being able to book roles causing wasted time and energy.

We Make Success Look Easy:

We provide training, cutting-edge/industry-disruptive  technology, and so much more to ensure that building an acting career is possible for anyone. Starting in any location with any amount of acting experience, you can too can become a PAID, WORKING actor.

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Acting Technique + The Business of Acting

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Exclusive Industry-Disruptive Technology

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Coaching & Exclusive Methodologies

About Jana Beeson

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As CEO of The Actor's Code and co-founder of Actor’s Casting Technology, A.C.T. Now!©, Jana Beeson is passionate about helping actors supercharge their careers and easily outbook the “competition” in a fraction of the time.

An actor herself, Jana got her BFA in Theatre and Acting from a top 4 acting school before honing her professional skills in DC and NYC. Working both in front of and behind the camera on commercials, indie films, features, and tv shows, she additionally loves seeing both sides of the casting table as a casting director.

An Atlanta local as of 2020, she is enjoying building new opportunities in the Hollywood of the South while being of service virtually to actors all over the globe.

Build Your UNIQUE Acting Career:

You are a unique individual with a unique path to find your success in the entertainment industry. We provide training, cutting-edge/industry-disruptive  technology, and so much more to ensure that you build an acting career that matches your goals and needs.

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Joining The Actor's Code will give you full access to everything mentioned above and more. The possibilities are limitless, and the choices are up to you. See you there!

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Our goal is to work with motivated, open-minded individuals ready to build a lasting acting career. After securing your spot, Jana will schedule a meet and greet interview with you. (Reminder: To qualify, it’s not about having the most experience, it’s about having the right mindset!)

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